Rocket Recordings continue their release roster assault with no sign any day soon of easing off the pedal, here’s the latest teaser track from a forthcoming and dare we say formidable set from the mighty Gnod due to slap heads and leave turntables in a state of near destruction sometime March end with the arrival of ‘just say no to the psycho right wing capitalist fascist industrial death machine’ – good luck with getting that on the t-shirt and badge sets. This is the warring agit grind of ‘stick in the wheel’ – smarting with fury, thickly dense in mind numbing attrition and scowling with chest beating fanfare, 13 minutes all told or near to, which in truth latterly goes all mystic eyed and foggily transcendental no doubt off smoking a head popping peace pipe, yet which for the first five minutes rears up grizzled and gouged in a lock grooved wiring wall closing in tightening frenz hysteria that had us here imagining a seriously nagged Gang of 4 slipstreaming elements of a particular freaked and darkly turned Talking Heads whilst  freebasing on This Heat.

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