matthew edwards and the unfortunates

There’s something bordering on the underhand in the way this casually drops its little earworm eggs to hatch n’ snake its way unseen beneath your defences and weave its haunting vintage noir tweaked folk swing, coolly measured it prowls falling in and out the shadows beneath the overcasting lurch of brooding skylines, a city by night, rain swept and deserted pitches to a scene straight from a Chandler script, the mood fraught, tense and just a tad double dealing in mystery is swathed by the haloing melancholic opine of squirreling sultry brass which reference wise recall and smokily chilled British Sea Power. This be Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates with a track called ‘Birmingham’ pulled from a forthcoming set for Gard Du Nord entitled ‘folklore’ this coming May.

Matthew Edwards & the Unfortunates play the following live dates, with more to be announced:

  • Sunday 2nd April @ Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham
  • Saturday 8th April @ Centrala, Digbeth, Birmingham (supporting Momus)
  • Sunday 14th May @ Come Down & Meet the Folks, The Apple Tree, Clerkenwell

·         Saturday 3rd June @ Centrala, Digbeth, Birmingham

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