pages from ceefax

latest of the archive finds from pages from Ceefax, this mysterious artefact is an unknown cassette thought to date from February 1987 and simply entitled ‘GBH’. Rather than the usual spray of forgotten bedroom talent, shed dwelling radio frequency enthusiasts and bandaged up and soldered thrift shop discoveries with copious liner notes, this one emerges from the opposite extreme with no information, no track listings and no idea as to its heritage, authorship or legacy. Two extended collages feature on this latest cassette find which as the accompanying notes point out was obviously the work of folk with far better technology to hand than previous ‘stars’ who’ve appeared on this highly engaging and ongoing delve into electronic bops forgotten past. Like the aforementioned release from the Unseen, ‘gbh’ inhabits a cold war world obsessed in surveillance, public information broadcast films, open university idents and flock wall paper, the sounds a tad spaced out, lysergic and clearly for their reputed time line, somewhat ahead of the creative curve, provide a hazy though obviously warped by age, neglect and the unforgiving extremes of weather and temperatures change, vintage oddness and mix of disfigured kosmiche, chirping chamber electronics, woozy oceanic sea drifts and long wave frequency tinkering, something we’ll hasten to add that’ll probably have your toasters, kettles and various other electrical kitchen appliances all a swooning to its frisky pulsar playfulness while simultaneously catching the attentive ear of those well versed in the crookedly wiry synth pop emanating one time out of the frank wobbly and sons sound shed.

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