the unseen

There we were bemoaning the fact that the Villa9 studios sound library had mysteriously vanished removing its presence from the internet, much like the Losing Today archive – but don’t get me started on that – and up pops without scarcely a mention, a fanfare or a cryptic note as they so often do, this quite alluring time locked treasure chest of sound. The return of the Unseen, who over the years have been responsible for the dusting down of lost soundtracks for forgotten 70’s horror flicks ‘the Goatman’ and ‘Mary’. This latest rare find entitled ‘the Blackheath tapes’ was reputedly recorded way back in ’79 during a fractious collaboration between Simon Magus and Klaus Morlock whereupon arguments and disagreements raged over to do with the recordings’ underlying concept, that being alien abduction to which Magus purported to having had first-hand experience of. The tracks available here are the surviving remnants of those fateful recordings, there will be a revisit to these in the near future – if we remember that is. For now can we gently guide you by the hand to the chilling abandonment that is ‘blackheath’ – an ice forming slice of primitive electronic isolationism that ought to chime well with those much versed in all things Polytechnic Youth and Horror Pop Sounds, all crystalline twinkles very much scored in the likeness of the theme from hammer house of horrors. There is of course the rather beautiful ‘safe ashore’ – a moment of tranquil bliss sprayed in romanticised arcs of pastoral flotillas, though if you were to ask me we’d suggest grabbing an earful of ‘an empty village’ whose nostalgic shelling of dream draped regal mysticism harks to the Bucolic arrangements that often adored those Italo horror Giallo classics of the early 70’s most notably those scored by Goblin.

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