pye corner audio / faten kanaan

Another one mentioned previously, we’ve now managed to eke out full sound links for that rather spiffing Pye Corner Audio / Faten Kanaan split that literally sold out on pre-sale of its first pressing the minute the artist’s names were uttered via a rare and unwitting Polytechnic Youth shock record shop exclusive outing. Fear not folks for normal mail order frenzied service will resume when a clear vinyl second pressing announces itself shortly. In truth you can understand the fuss, pair together two of the most cutting edge talents on the chill / cold wave retro electronic scene, daring to have one track at least featuring them in a collaborative face to face, and this was always going to pique the interest of the hauntologist / cold war sound loving cognoscenti. Two tracks lurk within, ‘the darkest wave’ the main event occupies the same future looking dystopian landscapes viewed upon by mark 1 of the Human League some forty years ago, coolly cut in a late 70’s vintage Martin Jenkins’ seductively hollowing shadow traced pulsars forge a grandly frosted enchantment that swerves, swirls and surrounds the disembodied all seeing ethereal ice toned sub conscious narrative of Faten Kanaan, quite sublime if you ask me. Over on the flip, just Pye Corner Audio for ‘mirror lake’ which we may have made mention in previous dispatches, is finitely cut in the spirit of John Carpenter’s recent ‘lost themes’ vibe, a symphonic star gazed kosmiche orbital murmured in entrancing images of futures to come.

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