A most welcome message from guitarist John of the Brooklyn based quartet Sooner alerting us to his bands incoming debut EP, a lovely thing it is to from off which opening track ‘evil to me’ is available to hear and indeed swoon to on the preview page of their band camp site. A bitter sweet hurt heart with one foot in adoring of the C-86 era and the other shyly coaxed in a serenely dimpled affection for the tingling crush of the Sarah imprint while all the time its head is marooned in the svelte bliss drift of dream popped musings. Admittedly a slow to burn nugget which rather than preferring to be brash and in your face seems happy to wave from the back of the queue hoping to catch your ear, and of course it does, its frail and lightly tip toeing tones caught adrift upon a happy / sad breeziness that’s longingly dappled and serenaded by the soft opining caress of dreamily dissipating shimmering riffs atop the bruised reflective yearn of Frederica’s sighing vocals themselves occasioned by the peppering of smouldering vapour burns, which all said had us much in mind of the Sundays in cahoots with Frente.

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