Those of you preferring your radiophonic tones submerged in the tranquil toned ripples of defrosting ice combs whilst of a mind to step outside the hustle n’ bustle and frenzying angst of the day’s toils and into a place somewhat bliss burnt might do well to hook up to a new thing from Barnacles heading out on cassette and CD via a joint head to head by Boring Machines and Non Piangere Dischi. Well I say defrosted but ‘ I hate a barnacle’ the opening salvo and lone preview track showcased here, manages to morph with seamless delight and arrest to emerge from its frost tipped shelling and delicately unfurl amid shimmer toning sprays of quiet euphoria much like I should hasten to add, akin to some kind of bitter sweetly head bowed epitaph like back drop symphonically saluting the starry cosmos as it draws its last breath before that is purring to the end groove kissed in radiant washes of kosmiche pulsars. Begging letters are being cobbled together as you read in order to secure a copy to call our own.

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