lorelle meets the obsolete vs. gnoomes

Those fancying some out there ethereal entrancement might want to turn your radar settings in the general direction of a passing visitation by Lorelle meets the Obsolete whose ‘the sound of all things’ finds itself powered by the pulsing purr of a Gnoomes refit, this seductively lulling lunar light show arrives serenely sprayed in celestial choral configurations and all manner of kaleidoscopically kosmiche traced woozy wonders before drifting off into the great galactic beyond. https://soundcloud.com/sonic-cathedral/lorelle-meets-the-obsolete-the-sound-of-all-things-gnoomes-remix

Tour happenings….

23.03 CH – Thun – Cafe Bar Mokka

24.03 CH – St Gallen – Palace

25.03 DE – Esslingen – Komma

26.03 DE – Leipzig – Akko Bar

27.03 AT – VIenna – dasBACH

28.03 DE – Berlin – Bi Nuu

29.03 DE – Frankfurt – Dreikönigskeller

01.04 ES – Oriheula – La Gramola

03.04 FR – Marseille – Le Molotv

04.04 FR – Lyon – Sonic

05.04 FR – Paris – Supersonic

06.04 UK – London – The Brewhouse

07.04 UK – Falmouth – Beerwolf Books

08.04 UK – Manchester – Aatma

09.04 UK – Brighton – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

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