New from, well incoming at least, out of the immaculate Sub Rosa stable, Oiseaux-Tempête are set to return to the fray with a new full length entitled ‘”AL-‘AN !’ from which ‘Through The Speech Of Stars’ has been ripped from its grooves and sent ahead as a herald. As with previous releases this features G.W.Sok formerly of the Ex applying the narration. A mammoth and atmospheric track that prowls with seismic rage and disquieting despair across a hulking 17-minute soundscape that’s darkly daubed in middle eastern mystique and towered by the restless visitation of an ancient spiritual tongue. Within, both bruised and majestic, emerging from out of the deathly smoke of conflicts haze and the warring flames of political acrimony and religious division, snarling stoner riffs lacerate to gouge a thickly hypnotic path whose tensely coiled sound palette forges a sonic kinship with a youthful godspeed over which through the brutalised imagery unfurled by GW Sok’s disbelieving spoken words a solemn beauty weaves with fading hope, the effect at once tormented, crushed and welled in bleak harrowing statuesque futility. https://soundcloud.com/oiseaux-tempete/alaan-through-the-speech-of-stars

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