pull the plug #’cornflakes’

latest edition of ‘pull the plug’ is upon us, the ‘cornflakes’ edition therein with some impromptu introductions from the late and much missed Rik Mayall setting the tone to this show with an anarchic ‘young ones’ clip before the sounds trip out for what is another half hour feast of ear candy starting with the rather wigged out and funk struck infection that is ‘computers singing’ by radio trip, this being the freakily fruity Markey Funk ‘alfomega’ remix. In quick pursuit a brace of cuts one forthcoming one recently sold out from the polytechnic youth sound lab starting out with the 80’s synth washed ‘catacombs’ by Vorderhaus which as it happens we mentioned in despatches only mere days ago, this is the one that sounds like White Rose Movement trading on classic era Duran Duran ‘night versions’. Up next the quite sublime ‘mirror lake’ from Pye Corner Audio, second pressing on white vinyl due soon for mail order take up, a side features that quite mind blowing head to head with Faten Kanaan. Two tracks from Swedish psychedelicists the Greek Theatre via sugarbush records that sound as though they’ve stepped straight out from a late 60’s hipster boutique, the first cut ‘broken circle’ a wonderfully airy fairy slice of woozy psych folk which all said pails in the shadow of the mellowing west coast hymnal drift of ‘Ruby-Khon’ which frankly just needs to be heard to be believed, which leaves Ty Segall to take matters to the end groove with strung out glam psyched stomp of the frantic and fried ‘thank you Mr K’, did someone say the Pretty Things. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-16th-march-2017/

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