Look what they sneaked in our inbox while we were sleeping….version 0.00

Look what they sneaked in our inbox while we were sleeping….

Transmission 0.00 – January – March 2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

Expect these infrequent transmissions to be troubling your listening space at various times- in fact probably more often than you’d want or expect. Truth is we get a fair amount of emails, most more often than not attached with download links to albums / singles and videos, truth is as much as we’d love to review each and every submission, time or the lack of it therein prevents. Now we could give up on sleep to enable us to cover everything but even then i don’t think there are enough hours in the day to do justice to this stuff, we have after all given up eating and a life, not that we are complaining. But here’s the rub, as much as we get through we still feel bad, almost to the point of guilt stricken sleepless nights, about not mentioning the ones that got away or generally got overlooked or forgotten. So to make amends, and it’s not we fear the perfect way to consolidate or appease those releases, but it’s the best we can do until we figure someway of carbon copying ourselves, we will be cobbling these ‘footnote’ missives with the aim of gathering together all the relevant soundcloud, video and bandcamp links for you to hear. As said not the ideal thing but at least we might be able to have a restful night knowing we’ve featured these turntable treasures in some small way…


Vok, Georgia, weaves, yung, venn, piano magic, dieter moebius, Richard pinhas, ulan bator, Stephen evens, heat, beachheads, ride, the meters, tempers, moyo, my boy constrictor, stereo off, silent riders, dr chan, white mystery……  

Pulled from their recently released ‘overnight’ set for topshelf records, this is Heat with the 90’s chime shimmered dream popped groove of ‘Lush’ – very Paris Angels all said….


touring –

04.18.17 – St John, NB @ Callahans Pub

04.19.17 – Sackville, NB @ Thunder & Lightning

04.20.17 – Halifax, NS @ Seahorse Tavern

04.21.17 – Fredericton, NB @ Flourish Festival

04.22.17 – Moncton, NB @ Claude’s House

These dudes had me much in mind of Mega City 4 with as the press release rightly notes sprays of Husker Du, this be beachheads with ‘your highness’ a track culled from their recent self-titled – we assume their – debut full length for Fysisk Format


there’s also a video here……

‘moment of truth’

A little bit of Ride, never did anyone any harm…..killer tune incidentally….


now for classic rolled old gold – this heading out of ’74 – this is the Meters with their rather smoking ‘rejuvenation’ set from that year….

This is quite frankly, from another world, the utterly gorgeous ‘strange harvest’ by Tempers – how we managed to overlook this is beyond us and a tad worrying all said, coolly chilled uber dark pop chic….out via vinyl factory

Noise…..and lots of it……we’ve previously mentioned the ear wares of kitsch magik but here’s one we missed / oversaw – guessing there’ll be a few more before this trawl is out……

…a split release between music 死者の餌/ MOYO, My BOY Constrictor…..serious head caning stuff….


can’t recall for certain whether we’ve mentioned this in despatches, still no worries, this is the quite smoky ‘sunsetting’ by stereo off from their recent EP release……


now we know for certain we’ve featured this in passing, utterly adorable cut from the silent riders entitled ‘i see you’


download single loveliness from Stolen Body records courtesy of the wiring rock-a-hula cool from Dr Chan, this is being the addictively snaking ‘YANnnnK$$$ (LifeI$NotFun)’…..


not really something we got sent but more a case of something we tripped across on various page hopping jaunts, this is the nifty and slinky White Mystery with the b-side of their greenway records 7 inch from last year….info on this cats would be greatly appreciated…….


another lovely we stumbled across – released last year – how did we miss this – by weaves this is the gloriously crooked though insidiously infectious ‘coo coo’ from their debut album…..keep your eyes peeled as i’m certain we’ve new stuff by these folk currently causing swooning on the listening player…..


been ages since heard anything heading out of the fat possum imprint, this ‘un we latched onto on a recent nose around the interweb…..by Yung this is ‘commercial’ taken from their ‘a youthful dream’ debut full length from last year….


a couple of Venn videos for swooning to, these come peeled from the bands recently released ‘runes’ set for full time hobby…..

‘waxen palm’

‘slowly sinking’

A track from the final critically acclaimed ‘closure’ album from Piano Magic – this is the quite slyly exquisite ‘exit’….am i the only one who thinks that this comes with the strong whiff of Yello……

Snippets from essential Bureau B happenings……this is Dieter Moebius from a set called ‘Moebius fur Metropolis’


…and this is Richard Pinhas from his ‘reverse’ set…..quite superb all told…..


….ulan bator from ‘stereolilth’ – in truth quite a faultless release….


those of you whose listening world prickles to the sound of William D Drake and Lupen Crook might do well to focus your hearing radar in the general direction of Stephen EvEns and the track ‘Captains of Convenience’ – this off kilter slice of polish scratching disillusionment comes dragged from a rather dandy full length by the name ‘bonjour poulet’ through the highly esteemed Onomatopoiea Records – a set which we will endeavour to mention in full soon…..

Taken from her current Domino set ‘Georgia’ this is the slow burning torch touch of ‘heart wrecking animals’ by er…Georgia whose just fresh from supporting Flaming Lips on their European dates, with that kind of endorsement then you know it’s a gem…….

Tripped across on a you tube ramble, this is the ghostly ethereal slow drip allure that is ‘show me’ by Vok, quite a breathless beauty if you ask me……all frost chipped down tempo dimpled seductive soul……

Till soon…….

Mark x

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