the luck of eden hall

Hipster high priests of hallucinogenic haloed pop-a-delica, the Luck of Eden Hall are due to return to the vinyl fray with an absolutely head tripping sonic odyssey with the release of the 23-minute happening that is ‘make way for the mighty machine’ – yes folks you read right, 23 minutes. This baby is heading out of the taste making Italian imprint Vincebus Eruptum and due for swooning sometime in September. An amazing kaleidoscopic mind ride that’s very much an imagining of a sonic tapestry weaved from the high table sitting progian operetta threads of the Pretty Things in their ‘parachutes’ era, Floyd and Soft Machine with a healthy side serving of Van der Graaf Generator, Todd Rundgren and Genesis making up the mercurial numbers. A mammoth turntable turning technicolour dream coat that takes the band onto a whole new level of wigged out bliss toning, for essentially ‘make way for the mighty machine’ is a humongous kosmick opera spliced with all the trademark TLoEH tropes though here fried into morphing sonic stew whose myriad of influence slipstreams from moments of locked grooved dayglo tweaked garage psych blues, essences of stoner prog, lunar arabesques, airy fairy pastoral undulates and dream draped vapour gazing spacey recitals, something we here suspect  ought to satiate those mourning the absence of the Porcupine Tree.

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