tubular brass

Also arriving May time, a new 7 inch from the much adored Static Caravan imprint with a full album to follow later in the year. This is Tubular Brass with ‘Tubular Bells’ which you won’t be all too surprised to hear is a brass rendition of Mike Oldfield’s multi award winning classic score. Of course known notably among psychological horror fans as providing the distinctive and memorable theme to ‘the Exorcist’, ‘Tubular Bells’ marked the debut recording by the precociously talented Mike Oldfield, a release that would single handed bank roll the fledging Virgin imprint of silver spoon sucking Richard Branson and something very much carved in the sonic image of Terry Riley and Steve Reich. Arranged by Sandy Smith and played by a seasoned gathering of brass playing talent, this new rendition provides a perfect excuse to revisit and again lose yourself in Oldfield’s mercurial melodic maze of lushly toned symphonia with these wind willowed orchestrations blossoming to the radiant rush of a richly invigorating regal rustic elegance that courts and trumps to a deeply alluring timeless heraldic majesty. Arriving in a limited pressing of 300 copies. www.staticcaravan.org       

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