cate le bon

Can’t recall rightly whether or not we’ve featured this previously, but a quick rummage around the recent ear wares of drag city and we upturned this delightfully dizzy and kooky curio from Cate Le Bon. Yes i know it’s been out for ages and you are all probably over its quirky charms no doubt having moved on to the next crooked listening experience, no doubt the new thing from Biscuit Mouth which is looming in the listening shadows readying itself for oodles of audio attention shortly. But anyhow this is ‘rock pool’ from her recent EP entitled – er – ‘rock pool’ – something i’d hasten to add ripe for the listening of those of you well familiar with the post punk doodlings of the Au Pairs, Delta 5 et al…..of course adored around these here parts and why not.  

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