interlude – strumming music

Interlude….’strumming music’

Immeasurably beautiful, tranquil and transcendental, just out, this is a limited vinyl issue of Charlemagne Palestine’s 1974 opus ‘Strumming Music’. Recorded in his loft utilising a Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano and the trusted sustain peddle, ‘strumming music’ has often been pigeon holed with the minimalist works of both Terry Riley and Steve Reich in so much as the disciplined use of a restricted spectrum of sound, yet where this differs is in the alternating use of speed, touch and tone as opposed to the building of confined layers, it’s a technique applied with such poise, measure and intricacy that a deeply alluring and demurring haze of fluttering wave motifs and reverberating ripples is created with the result that a maximum amount of variation from such a limited work board / palette is achieved with the effect that at times you actually question whether it is just a piano that you are listening to. In short ‘strumming music’ is at once divine, warm and becalming.


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