Andrew Wasylyk

a long-promised review will appear here shortly for what is a most exquisite forthcoming release from Art of the Memory Palace’s Andrew Wasylyk. Inspired by architecture and open spaces, the spirit of compositional creativity oozes through the grooves of ‘themes for buildings and spaces’. Released next month on a strictly limited cassette issue through tape club, ‘drift’ has been sent out to at once seduce and lull, an utterly adorable and pristinely crafted slice of bounteous pastoral prettiness that undulates and tumbles with a carefree canter demurringly navigating a lilting palette that draws to it’s affectionally airy artistry elements of Toshack Highway’s much loved self-titled debut full length, J Xaverre and the nostalgic sepia hazing of Littlebow’s most recent for second language, all gathered, swelled and drizzled in a quaintly toned vintage that ebbs and flows to the amorphous arrangements of the critically underappreciated Douglas Gamley.


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