adam franklin

Many thanks to Club AC30’s press folk, hello Clare, for coming so speedily to our aid in getting back with sound links for this, alas we can’t share them as they are set to private and feature two covers pressed upon a very special RSD17 release from the label by Toshack Highway/ Swervedriver main man Adam Franklin. Ultra-limited in nature and grooved on blue vinyl this must have release finds Mr Franklin reshaping a brace of cuts he’s had lurking in the vaults for a few years, homages to both Lemmy of Motorhead and Mr Bowie of which the man himself describes as sounding like ‘some alternative version of the Cold War/computer age late 70s, like the Scarfolk Council vision of a dystopian future that’s a lot more scary now that it may finally have arrived’. Well he’s not far wrong in truth, especially his distressed and forlorn rephrasing of Bowie’s ‘Thursday Child’ which emerges from a woozy chemical fog courting a strangely haunting feel that surreally casts a spectral hand to link arms with Harrison’s ‘blue jay way’ and scratched with hollowing reflection relocates it into the minimalist future dazed isolationist demurs of ‘Low’. That said I must admit that it withers in the shadow of his re-trim of Motorhead’s ‘iron horse / born to lose’, for sprayed in the willowy airless mosaics found lightly toning his debuting Toshack Highway appearance, this lost gem is renewed and wired upon a bliss toned seafaring cosmic caress traced in vapour hazes of mellowing psych whispers, something we’d hasten to add that ought to be high on the listening radar of those much adoring of Porcupine Tree’s impeccable ‘stupid dream’ set.

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