Kid Koala feat. Emilíana Torrini

Incoming from Kid Koala, this hushed honey comes pulled from his forthcoming ‘Music To Draw To: Satellite’ set and features the spectral tones of Emilíana Torrini gracing the grooves. Anyhow this is ‘Satellite’, in truth something that teeters elegantly between the regal and the unreal, wonderfully fragile, a frosted ghost light marooned upon some far flung cosmic outpost twinkling its last fading love note into the galactic ether whilst seductively trimmed with the same unworldly magical murmur as that which used to grace and adore those mysterious mosaics from Mum. Quite arresting if we do say so ourselves. The 72-minute album incidentally entitled ‘Music To Draw To: Satellite’ is due to drop early April via Arts and Crafts and will be made variously available on 2LP, CD, and MP3, as well as a special limited edition Deluxe CD with 80-page hard-cover sketchbook.


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