superfjord / sendelica

Afraid it’s another of those essential type Fruits de Mer happenings that this time extending its influential radar to the legendary freak king himself, Frank Zappa. Now when it comes to naming artists deserving of the tag genius, in the era of ‘pop music and beyond’ all must surely be measured against the Zappa, a restless musical soul who hopped, fused and blurred the musical disciples with impish creativity leaving a body of work that to this day still has the ability to confound not to mention provoke critical debate and discussion. With Fruits de Mer’s curious affiliation and affection for the eclectic and the outsider, its only strange that its took them so long to link their musical carriage to the Zappa sonic express. The incoming ‘Zappa’ set comes pressed on 7 inches of wax, coloured obviously and limited in quantity, upon its grooves sit Superfjord and Sendelica each trading a side each and rephrasing a selected cut from Zappa’s formidable and extensive back catalogue. First up Superfjord go head to head with ‘peaches en regalia’ – a cut that originally reared it’s wigged out head on ‘hot rats’ – which listening just now had me very much recalling L’Augmentation, but that’s for another day. Left however in the hands of these dudes, ‘peaches en regalia’ stirs pipes and purrs to the original’s pastoral majesty though here invested with a liberal dose of breezy progressive grooving which all said had us very much in mind of the legendary Supersister, which by our reckoning is only a good thing. Sendelica turn their sights upon ‘don’t eat the yellow snow’ – originally appearing on ‘apostrophe’ – a set which even when he was playing with a straight bat he’d still manage to sound fried. Bingham and Co rethread the whole mix initially splitting it in two parts and fuse both together so that what first appears as a rather dandy slice of hypnotically snaking stoner glam emerging from a woozily dream draped ghost folk recital soon splinters and morphs with the appearance of Babal’s Karen Langley into a horn hazed gospel smoker. Recommended of course.


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