First album proper since ‘attitude’ looms in the shadows with ‘United Kingdom (….or how to come to terms with your culture)’ chomping at the bit and readying itself for release in early May via Optic Nerve Recordings. From that set and sent ahead as a curmudgeon herald ‘the stupid poor’ spits and seethes with disbelief and discontent. the Wolfhounds were always the welcomed sore thumbs of the class of C-86, while their peers succumbed to the cheap persuasion of the charts and the brief dalliance of major label hopefulness, these dudes turned their backs, dug in their heels and scowled and rankled whilst crafting some of the most potently acute groove of the day, see their 1986 Peel session for any further listening proof.  Thirty years on from their acclaimed debut and – ahem – that Peel session, this lot show no signs of letting up with their skewed and caustic agit rumble for ‘the stupid poor’ is an amassing sea of tension simmering finger jabbing that side steps the usual verse chorus verse creative formula and instead coils and intensifies to a wiring furnace of dead eyed angular friction which to these ears sounds like some discontented gathering of fire engine, the sinatras and the playwrights types.    

WOLFHOUNDS - UNTIED KINGDOM (or how to come to terms with your culture) CD

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