The cause of much puzzlement around our gaff, press release clearly states two tracks culled from a forthcoming full length that make up both sides of an imminent single, yet the CD clearly lists three tracks including an extended mix of the lead out track which i’m guessing will be available on the download variant. The plot thickens and confuses when said CD once popped in the player turns up not 2, not even 3 – but 5 tracks. Safe to say we aren’t complaining for this is a May incoming Enraptured happening from Slipstream. Pressed on limited quantities of pink waxed 7 inch, ‘maybe the day will come’ is your smoking feel good radiant spray of cruise controlling cosmically love noted electro buzz pop, with its radar turned to a softly purring pristine pop calibration, it arrives seductively haloed and drizzled in echoes of Electronic and Pet Shop Boys albeit as though fused resplendently in a vintage 90’s phrasing by a Paris Angels / Ed Ball studio gathering. Mentioned in recent missives, flip side ‘like no other’ is possessed of a majestically hollowing ‘ghost rider’ like 60’s shimmer toning that had us here much minded of Jon De Rosa channelling heavily on the spirit of Joe Meek. Also featured on this advance CD a slightly lengthier version of the same track plus two extended edits of the lead cut the first of which assumes a subtle Balearic dusting to its bow as it freefalls into terrains more associated with New Order’s ‘technique’. As to the rogue edit fastened to the end of our sample disc, a 9 minute devilishly slinky club floor moocher that finds the Slipstream dudes in playful mood cooking up bliss kissed dissipating technoid psychotropes clearly weaved and woven whilst under the influence of a head shrooming cocktail of Yello and Plaid.

footnote……okay maybe i should take more interest to the detail of these things, rightly titled on the CD – tracks  3 and 4 – the extended ones – are the full versions, while to ‘rogue’  mix is in fact the ‘cheery moon dub mix’ –  sorry for the oversight……still – a killer release……

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