I can tell you now that this is going to irk the anti-cigarette smoking fraternity, not wishing to get into a bun fight but it taps directly into the whole sexual currency of the habit, the phallic imagery and the darkly cool decadent glamour, there will be complaints you mark my words. That said on a musical level one for those of you who’ve been bedevilled by sleepless night wondering what a Minty Vs. the Normal head clash might sound like. Fear not for Vitalic’s nicotine wet dream ‘sweet cigarette’ may well ensure you’ll have a restful night’s sleep, sure to appeal to those much adoring of the Polytechnic Youth back catalogue, in fact it’d be true to say this sounds like a seedy twin of Middex and yes that is ‘Warm Leatherette’ retooled and detuned on Buchla synthesisers, ultra-naughty, darkly chic and very much a seductive nod to old school Some Bizarre hedonism. Irresistible in short.

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