man from uranus

much worrying and deeply odd visitation from the Man from Uranus, seriously i couldn’t let this escape without a mention. Described by its author as ‘amphibious choruses rise from the swamp of a forest world. A transmitter sends out its signal from a distant region of space. Alien Flowers is a collection of sonic flora produced by Man from Uranus’. Pretty much sums up what your hearing if truth be told, ‘Alien Flowers’ incidentally being a forthcoming full length which is set for arrival upon the bravest and most inquisitive of turntables via a limited issue wax pressing sometimes late May via RAM tapes. Anyhow on the preview player, just one solitary track to whet the appetites, the quite surreally affectionate ‘alien frogs’ – not quite ‘the Frog Chorus’ thankfully, but worryingly not far off albeit as though a weird eared out opera by the Residents in a high wiring impish mood.

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