s/n measures

Latest to the Arell sound house is the ‘prion’ EP from S/N Measures – a duo Luke and Cecilia. Not quite out yet – in fact incoming towards the end of the week, but previewing over on the labels bandcamp page right now. A haunting and nightmarish scenario looms heavily over this improvised recording that concerns itself with the very real fear and potential threat of the hapless tinkering in ‘submicroscopic biology’. Culturing a dystopian eeriness utilised from micro sound minimalist motifs, the duo craft a bleak and glassy atmospheric landscape that’s pitched in ice formed foreboding and an omnipresent tension, the hollowing dread brought sharply into focus by the chilling chime of bowed electronic shimmers, not we hasten to add, for lone listening. https://arell.bandcamp.com/album/prion-ep-preview   

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