robyn hitchcock


Out shortly via yep roc, self-titled new full length from Robyn Hitchcock finds him at the height of his creative powers, hell he’s 63 these days, not that he’ll appreciate being reminded so, but at that age, really, should he be turning in the best stuff he’s done since ‘underwater moonlight’ with former charges the Soft Boys recorded some 35 years ago – not least as evidenced on the simmering shimmy of the shadowy stalker ‘i want to tell you about what i want’ – itself tapping directly into dark groove of ‘kingdom of love’. Whatever the case the three teaser cuts featured here certainly come with a creative bite not seen ventured since the ‘respect’ and ‘perspex island’ sets with the Egyptians. Three tracks / videos / sound links preview the arrival of ‘Robyn Hitchcock’ with the softly stirred woozily kaleidoscopically eyed ‘Raymond and the Wires’ proving to be the picking of the trio echoing as it does to the pervading psychedelic purr of ‘I often dream of trains’ while ‘Mad Shelley’s letterbox’ is pure wide eyed pristine psychedelicised Barrett steam pressed with an acutely power popping throb.





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