From what we can gather this is heading out on an album marking the debut release for the Cambridge based Wysing Polyphonic imprint. By Ectopia a brace of tracks from that aforementioned set incidentally going by the name ‘life / section’ entitled ‘sauna’ / ‘head for business’ heralding what might be best described as something darkly artful whose weary gaze settles upon a curiously shadowy sonic palette that draws to its gloom bruised heart a deeply emotionally tortured and tensely atmospheric woven tapestry that scabs and stricken to the kind of out there off radar melodic channelling that you might readily expect to have headed out of the Sartorial imprint a few years ago. Difficult to describe exactly what it sounds like, but when has that proven to be an issue here, so imagine if you will then some gathering of talents then, say for instance, Big Eyes locking horns with Virgin Passages with the encounter anxiously overseen by Glissando and you’re close. But then factor in elements of Fad Gadget, Gavin Friday and Andi Sex Gang and the theatrical ‘sauna’ insidiously begins to brush its finger, carving out a harrowing chamber recital bedded upon a sinister electronic pulse that’s ghosted in a ceremonial finality that teeters between descent into psychosis and a primitive prayer soured in an edgy arcane artistry that howls in nodding union to Preterite. The ostensibly more playful ‘head for business’ – the shorter of the twin set, is a lot lighter toned, the strings swaying to an awkward lock grooved funky swing which in truth had we not known any better, would have had us believing was some secret studio summit meeting enacted upon by a note swapping King champion sounds and de staat.

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