tara clerkin

Sounding strangely out of step, curiously wonky, skewed and off centre yet strangely possessed of that little something that has you clambering to hit the repeat button while simultaneously muttering to yourself ‘just what the hell was that’. There’s something oddly casual, okay daydream possibly even flighty and head in the clouds about ‘John’ as it skips nonchalantly into a sonic smoke of a vintage distilling that softly curdles a brew twinkled in lazily breezed prairie lollops and a spot of rustic mountain blues rambling atop of which Tara Clerkin distractively coos thoughtfully with an affectionate not a care in the world air. Anyhow, this be a download single, an album’s to come called ‘hello’ due May time through Stolen Body and Howling Owl on CD / download and most intriguingly, in clay head format, whatever that may be. No links just yet, we are working on it though.   

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