Before we go on a momentary roll of all things twangy and psychedelic, here’s a little something tranquil that we fell over much adoring. This is Canigou with the quite wonderfully thawing shy eye ‘tape’. Now this lot describe themselves as a ‘tint orchestra from Sweden, summoning atmospheric sounds from the depths of the universe’. Fair do’s, doesn’t tell you a lot, like how softly alluring this track it, which even despite of its minimal palette manages to fill the air space with a genteelly demurred cavernous calm not to mention the way in which it delicately peels away its sonic skin and sweetly unfurls itself of its lonesome mooring to reveal something truly crystal tipped and beautifully bruised as though a momentary passing visitation by a maps and diagram led lovelorn cortege of minotaur shock and ISAN types. Alas beyond that the information trail goes sadly cold.

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