the bad signs

Oh yes this is certainly hitting all the buttons at once, slinky, seductive, shadowy and somewhat shrouded in a swamp dragged sleaziness that suggests its stepped straight from the rushes of a new Tarantino / Lynch set whilst indelibly ghosted in the spectral rumble twang gouged cool of the Link. This is the Bad Signs with ‘love lock’ – a deathly dead eyed and darkly lurid descent into the decadent depths of lust all moored upon shade adorned snaking spell weaving reverb soaked shimmers, need we say more. Being lined up for stateside rsd17 action pressed upon a limited 12 inch set entitled ‘black magic moments’.


4/22 Nashville, TN – The Groove Records

4/27 Kansas City, MS – Prohibition Hall

4/28 Denver, CO – The Skylark Lounge

4/30 Boise, ID – The Shredder

5/02 Portland, OR – Dante’s Inferno

5/04 Sacramento, CA – The Press Club

5/05 San Francisco, CA – Hotel Utah

5/06 Pasadena, CA – Old Towne Pub

5/07 Los Angeles, CA – The Mint

5/09 Phoenix, AZ – Yucca Tap Room

5/10 San Antonio, TX – The Amp Room

5/11 Austin, TX – Hole In The Wall

5/12 Hot Springs, AR – Maxine’s


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