Talking of Horror Pop Sounds, a quick message from head honcho Alan to say new tape releases are afoot, the previous one from the ever excellent Art of the Memory Palace, still one of the finest outings to have crossed our listening desk this year so far, the duo have a track featured on the uber cool Neotropic radio show, the rest of the set isn’t half bad either, 90 minutes of below the radar avant groove featuring cuts from Trixxie Delight who i’m sure we’ve mentioned in passing at some point, think of a darkly more emotional crushed Portishead, elsewhere there’s something quite superb from Schmaidl from a compilation album being put out by the Committee for Sonic Research – more about that in a second, some stunning chill toned industrial cool from XMal Deutschland meets Cobra Killer devotees Dicepeople – who we will try to source for more sounds. Swiftly onwards the superb ‘marion’ by the lone taxidermist cuts across so many sonic styles its bewildering – incidentally available as a free download here – simple kid we’ll mention in a second, oh and something by some ensemble called Orbital, quite good and could go places…..phew….  

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