polytechnic youth happenings…..

As ever tight lipped, the Polytechnic Youth release schedule keeps tootling along at a fair pace, promises of incoming album releases from listening centre, polypores, objectivo, faten Kanaan, hologram teen and vic mars and singles from mitra mitra, volume groop and laker Herzog – the latter of whom i’m certain we’ve mentioned recently – are a whetting the listening appetite – there’s even a co-release with Horror Pop Sounds afoot readying itself for record store day action and word of tomorrow syndicate happenings in the pipeline – all very hush hush. Still, as though we were ever in need of an excuse here’s a little something from Vic Mars that we spied on his sound cloud page, entitled ‘intermission’ – would this be one of the tracks to feature on that debuting Polytechnic release we wonder, sounds very wistfully starry eyed and lullaby like, a snoozing fortdax meets isan murmur tone unless our ears do deceive…..  https://soundcloud.com/vicmars/intermission while if you head over to yer actual polytechnic youth facebook page you can grab footage of Vorderhaus captured recently at the ‘flowers of romance’ festival performing ‘my situation from his recently released and quickly sold out full length….reviews to arrive soon…. https://www.facebook.com/polytechnicyouth/

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