the corrupting sea

It won’t come as a surprise to regular visitors to these pages when we say we’ve something of a fondness for the Corrupting Sea since being turned on to their sounds by way of a well-heeled recommendation by Mr Atwood / Yellow6. The Corrupting Sea, are not so much a band, but a one-man force of sonic nature by the name Jason Lamoreaux who in short creates what can only be rightly described as caressing cathedrals of sound that swell with arcing turbulence and shimmer with ethereal emotional bliss. No doubt schooled in the way of a late 80’s New Zealand sound scene with a primary thing for a certain Roy Montgomery, imagine if you will all those classic early career releases from the Kranky stable condensed down into miniature panoramic suites and you are hitting in a near ball park. Anyhow a welcomed message from Mr Lamoreaux / the Corrupting Sea sharing an as yet untitled / unreleased track which frustratingly we can’t share with you at this moment, safe to say though that it hits all the buttons, at once statuesque, poised and bitter sweetly grace fallen, its opining bruised slo-core solemn state arcing and echoing to an ancient tongue as though a corralling of the very elements of nature formed out of a blissfully deadening calm before a storm.   

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