Think i’m right in saying that thus far, we haven’t had the pleasure of Wozniak alluring our ear space, yet allure they do with the onset of a debuting full length ‘courage reels’ about to surface any day soon from off which, sent ahead on scouting detail, ‘shader’ has been made available on their pre-release teaser bandcamp window. Located on a sonic trajectory between the shoegazed turbulence of the Storm Society and the post rock majesty of the Workhouse, the brightly burnt intensity of ‘shader’ swallow dives between moments of smoulder toned bliss ricochets and grizzled deep stoner psych growls, the resulting effect an immense freewheeling floorshow of crystalline corteges spraying ripples of radiance that dissipate to dissolve in molten stratospheric raptures. https://wozniak.bandcamp.com/album/courage-reel

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