dean mcphee / seabuckthorn

You might have to forgive us for we’ve mislaid the original citation announcing this release, the latest from the highly admired Sonido Polifonico imprint of which i’m certain we’ve read in passing there are just 99 numbered copies of. As ever impeccably decorated in the usual eye catching finery, inserts and all manner of buttons and stuff, this latest lathe press is a split release that pits on either side of wax the talents of Dean McPhee and Seabuckthorn. So while we fumble about doing all the necessary ordering gubbins here’s a brief and irresistible excerpt. Of course Dean McPhee was mentioned in passing only a few weeks ago here, ‘altar rock’ further cements his repute as an artist of praise worthy sensitivity, his ability to extract a broadening spectrum of emotional colouring is simply next to none with this dream drifting seafaring opine at once beautifully free from shackling, airily murmured and yet bitter sweetly toned – easily filed next to your prized David A Jaycock platters. Similairly mesmeric in both measure and expression, Seabuckthorn’s ‘pine darkened slopes’ comes wonderfully flexed in a shimmering psych folk spell craft that blurs with a stilled and hollowed mystic elegance to softly stir and nod with the kind of enriched ghosted grace that recalls the late Jack Rose.

Staying with seabuckthorn, a little rummaging around unearthed this cutie, released last year, ‘they haunted most thickly’ I regret to say fleeted beneath our usually alert radar when it was sneaked out by Bookmaker records in a strictly limited 300 only wax pressing. We here must admit being somewhat smitten by the lead cut, something we should add that ought to appeal to those Terrascope reading folk among you for this is an echo to those much missed Oggum imprint releases from many years ago – see Alphane Moon, Our Glassie Azott, the Spires of Oxford et al.

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