iggy pop

We’ve always had a soft spot for the much-derided flexi disc, you might warm to the warmth of vinyl, but nothing beats the crackle n’ hiss or the false starts, skips and jumps of this once chosen medium of the magazine cover mount. Sure enough as a kid growing up in a family with a well-stocked vinyl collection, the oddness and simplicity of the flexi was a curious thing. Tucked between pages of magazines or found loitering on the counters of record shops used as promotional advertising, we adored the way they were so annoying a medium to play, often with directions to tape a coin to their middle to offer balance and ballast, they dipped, warped and wobbled, when you did get them to play it seemed the cheaper the player the better the results, our chosen weapon of play was my mums old, battered and sand hugging Dansette, the hi-fidelity player in the sitting room was just too fragile a device to even dare let loose on them and any way the stylus’ where often prone to skating accidents and their replacement the cost of a small plot of land. We mention all this because the Jacuzzi Boys have just extended the sphere of their own Mag Mag label to incorporate a flexi disc series, the first of which will feature a seriously gruff growling blues bad boy from Iggy Pop entitled ‘asshole blues’. Summoning up the spirits of the blues greats that have walked the same dust ravaged path many moons before and very much channelling the ghost of Johnny Cash and into the bargain sounding as though it’s been recorded on some decades old slab of rarefied shellac unearthed on a recent archive vault dig, the Ig croons wearily to a porch lit mooching moonshine motif that’s grizzled in a crossroads vintage, dusty, dishevelled and damaged, its howls with, as the Ig finitely puts it, ‘a negative energy’. Quite frankly essential in our book. https://soundcloud.com/magmagrecords/iggy-pop-asshole-blues   

Iggy Pop - Asshole Blues 7

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