der plan

Had to feature this, alas only an excerpt, but serving to put you on warning that this is currently adoring our turntable and set for imminent review soon. New album ‘Unkapitulierbar’ by Der Plan – indeed twenty-five years after they parted ways, Der Plan are back. No doubt tiring of waiting for the chasing pack, technologies and musical styles to catch up, they’ve returned and cooked up a set that might be best described as a sonic sponge that simultaneously finds them seamlessly linking to their past, the present, the future and beyond. This particular snippet, an excerpt of ‘Lass die Katze stehn!’, perhaps providing the albums most overt pop statement, though this being Der Plan that notion of ‘pop’ is inscrutably skewed and impishly harvested in a kookily fizzy fried late 70’s analogue trippiness that playfully purrs to a peculiar ping ponging bump n’ grind arcade amusement vibe.  

Their debuting release via Ata Tak

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