accidentally stumbled over this gem, by Wy this is ‘bathrooms’ just out through hybris. You know how it is, occasionally a very rare musical moment is upon you, a track that just stops you in your tracks equipped with the ability to both humble and destroy at its briefest appearance upon your chosen listening medium and with that, simply leaves you jaws agape quietly mouthing WTF was that. Well this is it, so far ahead of the peer chasing pack that it makes you wince, just love its fragile and spectral noir hollowness not to mention the sympathetic sighs of the opining crystalline riffs, quite a hurter if you ask me, and that voice, quivered in emotional crush, the overall effect pitched in a sonic configuration that finds the head bowed union of Mazzy Star, the Delgados and the Sundays types the fleeting sublime kiss of the Cocteau’s turning their face in ache folded resolve at its clawing majesty. One of those ‘Geek love’ (Bang Bang Machine) moments i shouldn’t wonder.

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