Another of those pressed to order releases from the Champion Version imprint who you might recall were fondly mentioned a missive or five ago when Machinefabriek’s ‘Snoepgoed’ passed our way. This time it’s a limited 10 inch release, I say limited with regard to the week-long ordering window which I suspect the clock started ticking on yesterday, after which the physical option on the release will be deleted. This time around the celebrated artist in the chair is Yellow6. Surely in no need of introduction here, Mr Atwood nee Yellow6 has for over twenty years crafted for himself a most enviable repute in the sound schools where apply the disciplines of ambience, drone and cinematic soundscapes. Pensive, brooding and often intimate, Atwood’s artistry is awash with expression and emotional stock, at once euphoric and crushing, his miniature detailing oft sources silence as an unseen instrument. Upon this latest Champion Version outing are groove stamped two extended, delicately lilting overtures that reveal both the light and shadowy shadings of the Y6 sonic palette. Led out by ‘a journey home’ – its classic old school Y6 fodder, bitter sweetly smothered in sepia, a reflective nostalgia is called to mind, its slo-mo swathes of softly sighing shimmer-tones teased in silvery haloes of feedback hint, as the title might suggest, a younger self on a family drive back home by night, to the droning hum of the car in motion, the flickering cat’s eye and the passing motorway lights and signs blurring by, its passenger lulls dreamy in and out of consciousness. As though missing some flawed shadowy protagonist from a 70’s cold war spy noir film with which to share the moments of lonesome desperation and double dealing with, ‘the first day (version 2)’ navigates terrains daubed in a vintage whose listening references owe to Budd, Mancini and Barry, both hypnotic and darkly sensitive, Atwood utilises with immense effect the introspective brush to craft a sonic suite whose wherewithal sees through eyes bruised with regret, memory and loss.

‘the first day’ also appears on another Yellow6 release, this time a free to download outing which I must admit we did have prepped for mention at one point before being bedevilled by glitches and gremlins, as a result losing for now, a whole load of partly completed reviews which i dare say will turn up in the fullness of time, if that is, we stop threatening our laptop with imminent cosmetic updates by way of a soldering iron, a trusty screwdriver and fierce looking hammer. Anyhow the release goes by the name ‘Silent Strategies 120317’ – a  three track outing capturing a recently rare live appearance in Wolverhampton, worth the entrance fee just hearing the rather sublimely jaw agape provoking ‘custom’.

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