skating polly

Let’s just say we here are a little overly fond of this, hell’s teeth we get a rash each and every time the blighter rears into ear shot. That said you might have to excuse us a second for we’ve lost the press release gubbins that came heralding its arrival on our sound player. I’m suspecting this is heading out from the same EP from which that spiffing ‘hail Mary’ cut is taken, what we do know is that this is Skating Polly with ‘louder in outer space’. more of that loud / quiet grunge-y purr prowled popness I’m afraid drizzled in all manner of Breeders, Belly and Throwing Muses spikiness though on this occasion given an ear prickling infectiously effervescent fizziness and a healthy side serving of teen spirited schizoid Suzi Q bubble grooving. So remind me again, what exactly is there not to love?

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