static daydream / the offering

Latest release from the can do no wrong the blog that celebrates itself folk features a track swapping twinset from Static Daydream and the Offering. An echoing homage to the much loved, back in the day, Clawfist imprint and their well-heeled series of limited singles that paired together two bands each covering a track of the others, with this particular release finding shoegaze oblivion riders Static Daydream going all bliss haloed and into the bargain re-wiring the Offerings’ ‘return uncertain’ in the style of an immaculately chilled late 70’s Joy Division as though here retooling elements of both ‘procession’ and ‘ceremony’ into the mix. Returning the favour likewise flirting with a shadowy post punk palette, the Offering trim something of a darkly alluring hollowing upon Static Daydream’s ‘blue tambourine girl’ to its glowering tapestry threading a sonic aura that recalls both the youthful personas of the Church and the Chameleons.

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