Schneider Kacirek

Tripping out of the Bureau B factory sometime early July, a new set by Schneider Kacirek entitled ‘Radius Walk’ really does stretch their precocious sonic palette, heavily absorbed in ethnic dialects both ‘back’ and ‘duett’ are feats in rhythmic intricacy, the latter with its pulsing sonars snaking out a devilishly ice framed minimalistic hypno-grooving with the latter courted upon a mushrooming head expanding industrial Australasian tuning. However courtesy of these brief sneak peek excerpts we suggest that it’s ‘I Antlanten’ that ought to be snaring your attention, featuring guest vocals from Swedish singer Sofia Jernberg there’s a wonderfully ice cooled sparse majesty reverberating with a spectral hymnal hush that had us here imagining some hitherto secret studio soiree featuring Melys and Mum.

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