dean McPhee / seabuckthorn

many thanks to Paul over at Sonido Polifonico for sending over finished copies of their latest release. Again immaculately packaged, i must say a thing of beauty and we haven’t even gotten to the music yet, but this one comes in a limited pressing of 99 – our copy is \76 for note takers, housed in a little card board box, you’ll find the hand cut lathe 7 inch, badges, insert, photos, hessian felt lined bag and all manner of added extras, certainly a labour of love. Upon the record itself a split outing pairing together on opposite sides of vinyl – Dean McPhee and Seabuckthorn – which in truth we mentioned way back at –  still – worth another little mention not least because it’s such a beautiful release with Mr McPhee cutting a snaking delta toned passage via ‘altar rock’ – whose deftness and lightness of touch not to mention emotional teasing finds itself poised and mellowed with the same sense and exquisite wherewithal in respect to the use of space as to see him sitting somewhere on a sonic spectrum between yellow6 and david a jaycock, by far the best thing we’ve heard of its ilk since that rather sublime outing by Scott Willian Urquhart late last year. Over on the flip you’ll find Seabuckthorn with ‘pine darkened slopes’, again something that ought to appeal first hand to those admiring of the aforementioned Mr Urquhart, a spell craft psych folk dance of sorts steeped in all manner of mistily mesmeric primitive mysticism all lovingly wood cut in a smoky vintage that recalls the late great and much missed Jack Rose.

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