suzanne ciani

Ridiculously pricey and extremely limited in pressing number to boot, the much-admired Finders Keepers kicked out a number of RSD17 releases, one of which being a one sided clear vinyl 7 inch featuring very early and long unheard recording by a young Suzanne Ciani. This creative force had long proven a savvy business mind primed enough to realise the potential reach of electronic composition in terms of a more commercial installation setting / environment by pitching ‘fish music’ for use at a giant middle American shopping malls Aquarium. As the liner notes rightly point out, in some bizarre way paralleling and hitherto creating would be ‘ambient scenes from the consumerist satirical ‘Dawn of the Dead’. Ciani though has never been known to take the usual journey to discovery / creative route, preferring to swerve middle men and the mere perfunctory nature of the music industry instead opting to push the ability and resource of sound into the terrains of advertising, film and beyond in the process establishing herself as the foremost authority on all things Buchla. Comprised of hypnotic pulsar loops and watery shimmers, the silvery toned ‘fish music’ provides for a serenely eerie sense of isolation, a magic land of the mysterious and unknown aquatic alien worlds and something that sound wise, very much traces a forward thinking kinship with fellow sound alchemists Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram. The release comes with its original press blurb and cuttings.

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