the label / feral love / oranj son/ youth hostel

A most welcome pick up at yesterday’s Record Store Day soiree, there should still be copies of these at Probe records given the folk at Edge Hill University called in with a box load of them, were two flexis showcasing the college’s in house label known as – er – the label. Annoyingly our usually up for it turntable’s stylus has had something of hissy fit with these releases and as much as we’ve tried the blighter has given up the ghost on the blue flexible vinyl ‘tales from the riverbank’ outing, in essence a soundscape where musicians and fans alike share memories of their time in Liverpool. We will endeavour to source better copies for future mention. As to the other flexi, one of those postcard affairs offering three excerpts from the labels small though highly well-heeled release roster, which by way of a little rummaging around on the labels web site we’ve managed to source full sound links for your perusal – well for 2 of the featured releases at least.

First up Feral Love with ‘like the wind’ – these folk were at one time Bird, this the duos debut was released last year receiving quiet acclaim and notable national radio play, softly stirred in a demurring bitter sweet flavouring, this ghost pop swooning longingly arcs and falls between moments of soaring euphoria and crestfallen forlorn, one for those much adoring of the Drone Club.

Assuming a readily more different sonic stylising, Oranj Son serve up ‘psycho disco face’ – a windswept and bracing full on in your face tour de force that’s crafted with the same post punked angular adrenalin that once graced platters bearing the name the Seal Cub Clubbing Club though here cut with a cooling and visible club floor swing that recalls D4.

Finally for this three way label teaser, Youth Hostel – alas no sound links on this one, though from the all too brief earful we managed to bag from the flexi card, there’s something very much suited and booted about the razored effervescence peeling from ‘out of my mouth’ to suggest it’s storming mod pop action might rekindle memories of secret affair.

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