beach fossils

New track from the Beach Fossils, not from their forthcoming ‘somersault’ album for bayonet due in early May, instead this is a cut that they’ve donated to the ‘For Our First 100 Days; One Hundred Songs That Inspire Progress And Benefit A Cause For Change’ compilation, a bandcamp only subscription collection featuring 100 tracks / bands gathered in support of causes under threat from the Trump presidency. ‘silver tongue’ provides for a mellowing listening experience aglow in the soft svelte spray of lazy eyed lulls and the caressful crystalline crush of dream drifting dimples which to these ears sound not unlike something sneaking out from a studio love in happened upon by working for a nuclear free city and seeland.

However those of you itching to hear early door teasers from the bands aforementioned ‘somersault’ set are well advised to prepare yourselves for swooning attacks at the appearance of a new video accompanying the scouting cut ‘St Ivy’ – this babe comes adored in strings, baroque treatments, flashes of Beatle-esque bouquets and oodles of smoulder toning 70’s vibing as to have you thinking you’d taken a wrong turn and found yourselves tuned into a secret soul soothed happening cobbled together by Tokolosh, Goodnight Lenin and the Panda Gang.

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