You might recall us mentioning these folk way back last September, if you didn’t well take a spell to catch up here – this is Goon with the ‘dusk of punk’ ep – originally out last year on a super limited cassette which despite overtures and begging letters, we alas never managed to secure a copy of. Anyway it seems it’s up for a re-release wherein grooved upon 7 inches of milky clear wax via pairings box – there’s an even scarcer subscription only variant on gold splatter – the blighters have managed to shoehorn in a cover of REM’s ‘let me in’ and rather spiffing it is to. Written by Stipe as a tribute to Kurt Cobain, it originally appeared on the bands ‘monster’ full length and finds itself mellowed and drizzled in a wonderfully affectionate softly drifting phrasing in the hands of Goon, something much traced with the spirit of the Nirvana main man sitting on its shoulder and graced with an alluringly warmly toned smoky hymnal hush.  

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