Oh how we love the way this just snakes about scuzzily weaving a discordant and detuned garage gouged glam grizzled head in the clouds f- you cool. Latest from the Swedish finishing academy of essential ear candy comes courtesy of ShitKid – better known to kith n’ kin as Asa Söderqvist, who through the pnkslm imprint is shortly to release her debuting full length ‘fish’. From that set, this be ‘alright’ a spiky slab of stripped back lo-fi crookedness whose extended sonic family tree can trace its ancestral roots to include everything from the Shaggs to the Lovely Eggs with the Raincoats somewhere in the middle linking arms, in short – quite frankly adorably addictive disconnected dysfunctional pop.

European Live Dates

15th May – Le Pont Ephemere, Paris

16th May – Cirque Royale, Brussels

17th May – Bush Hall, London

18th May – Brightelm at The Great Escape, Brighton

19th May – Komedia at The Great Escape, Brighton

21st May – Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate

24th June to 1st July – Roskilde Festival

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