David R Edwards

Next up, a handful of releases from the recordiau prin stable, first up a spoken word set from Dave Datbyglu. With music provided by Ash Cook aka Pulco, ‘Dave Datblygu’s Search In English For The House Of Tolerance’ features a collection of random thoughts, recollections and passing memories. Oft disconnected, sometimes pointed, subtly humorous and craftily hum drum, Mr Edwards’ self-depreciation squirms awkwardly atop Mr Cook’s crookedly remote sound palette, as the liner notes rightly point out, hints of Burroughs ghost throughout for here there is edginess, disquiet, frustration and a sense of, not so much of observing life from close distance, but rather more being an alien in a world un-recognised looking for a kitchen sink to host its own drama. Ultimately it’s heavy and weighted in regret with it’s gritty souring literally pouring from its grooves. https://recordiauprin.bandcamp.com/album/dave-datblygus-search-in-english-for-the-house-of-tolerance-david-r-edwards

From many years ago, for those previously unfamiliar here’s  the mighty Datbygu…..

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