Staying with blak hand records a little longer, mentioned this a fair few times – latest from psyence an EP as it happens entitled ‘a new dawn’ from which we’ve already featured ‘falling in love once again’ – see and ‘cold blood killer’ – see – seems only fitting then that we nab the remaining two tracks for a well-deserved mention. First up then ‘the bad seed’ – a nifty slice of garage gouged kaleidoscopia mining terrains more familiar to a youthful Charlatans whilst along the way craftily nicking the riff from Tubeway Army’s ‘replicas’ while parting title cut ‘a new dawn’ finds the collective in full on nocturnal soul mood spraying seduction and sophistication like its fast going out of fashion and as with the adored ‘falling in love once again’ freefalling smokily into Goodnight Lenin terrains . Strictly limited 40 only cassette.

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