cary grace

Incoming from Fruits de Mer regular Cary Grace, a new twinset pairing together ‘without a trace’ and ‘star fire’. A release that opts for something of a lunar theme, the former finds her moored upon a softly luxuriant framing that easily calls to mind a mellowed Crystal Jacqueline, a spectral love note tremored and trembled in a forlorn bruising, its ache caressed in a vintage psyche folk vintage unto which a dreamily demurring palette of sound converges made up of milky murmurs, shyly stirring string corteges and hushed harmonies to blossom sympathetically from the sidings all the time whispered in an emotionally reflective sigh. That said best moment is to be found over on the flip for ‘star fire’ finds Ms Grace lost in the moment, a beautified cosmic flutterby fluent and freewheeling a currency of magic and mystery not to mention kissed with such a finitely exquisite touch of song craft you’d be forgiven for thinking this was some lost sonic satellite by Fleetwood Mac under the influence of Renaissance.   

Cary will be playing at the forthcoming Fruits de Mer / Sendelica summer gathering this August as part of the progressive psychedelic spectacle that is the ‘the Fifteenth Dream of Dr Sardonicus’ where she’ll be sharing billing with the likes of headliners Bevis Frond, Anton Barbeau, Fuchsia, the Telephones, Sendelica, the Earthling Society and more….

Tickets are going fast! Get yours here:

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